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Artist craftsmen of Western Europe (1961)

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De tentoonstelling vond plaats in het 'Museum of Contemporary Crafts' in New York (US) van 26 mei tot 10 september 1961. De tekst hieronder komt uit "ACC Outlook Vol. 2, No. 4 June 1961":

The Museum of Contemporary Crafts in collaboration with the American Federation of Arts has organized an exhibition of the work of 144 artist-craftsmen from Austria, Belgium, France, The Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. The 300 objects in the exhibition include stoneware; earthenware; jewelry; printed fabrics; upholstery material; casement fabrics; glassware; wood and metal furniture; architectural reliefs in tin, iron and ceramics; enamels; tapestries; stained glass windows; bookbinding; appliqued wall hangings; mosaics; wicker baskets; ceramic sculpture; rugs; church vestments;silverware;wooden dishes, spoons and bowls.

Among the contributors are Pierre Caille, Meinrad Burch-Korrodi, Guido Gambone, Oswald Haerdtl, Morato, Meindert Zaalberg, Elisabeth Treskow, Jean Barillet. The exhibit opened at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts on May 26 and will be on display through September 10. Following the showing in New York, The American Federation of Arts will circulate the exhibition to a number of major muse umS in this country as part of its ExtensionServices Program. The Bureau of International Cultural Affairs of the U. S. State Department assisted the project, particularly in its planning stages, by arranging meetings with the representatives of the European governments.


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